About Our Festival:

Fri. Aug 2nd | Sat. Aug 3rd
Blue Bear Mtn. Camp

196 Blue Bear Mountain Rd
Todd, NC 28684

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No alcohol will be sold at the festival.
You are welcome to bring your own!
Alcohol wrist bands cost $10.00
Proper ID Required.



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WHAT: Music Fest at Blue Bear Mountain - WHEN: Friday & Saturday Aug 2 & 3 - WHERE: Blue Bear Mountain Campground in Boone, NC

Tim Carter


Welcome.  There are a lot of things going on right now with the new studio up and running with 900 sq ft. of recording space. An upgrade to Protools HD2 Accel recording format was just installed. Some new and vintage mics have also been acquired. New banjo's have been added to my collection.



A lot of people want to know about what kind of instruments I play. My acoustic guitar is a Collings OM2H with RMC pickups. These guitars are made by Bill Collings in Austin, TX. I also am a Gallagher Guitar endorsee and have a Doc Watson model.  My banjos are Nechville; I have 3 of them. My electric banjo is called The Meteor, my main acoustic is called a Nextar and my newest is called a Phantom; all built by my friend Tom Nechville and his merry band of brilliant builders.  I am a  Nechville Endorsee and proud of it.  I also have a custom built Bud Soesbee banjo with a Steve Huber tone ring, a Goldtone Whyte Lady 2 and a Goldtone Banjola.  I also play an A. Lawrence Smart F-Style Mandolin.  Lawrence is also a good friend who lives in McCall, Idaho.  He builds incredible instruments and is a great fisherman.  I use an LR Baggs pickup on my mando.  All of these travel in Calton Cases.  I use Elixer Strings on all of my instruments.


My pedal board consist of a TC Electronics Tuner, a Source Audio Programmable EQ Pedal an Ibanez Digital Delay, a Small Stone Phase Shifter, a MXR Micro Amp and a LR Baggs Para-DI.  This goes to the sound man and a line is also sent to my onstage monitor amp.  I use a Fishman Loudbox 100 as my stage monitor.